Thanks to the adapter attached on both sides, the overbed table mechanism can be switched from one bedside cabinet to the other, which is an economical solution for the user.

(not for vt 4)

The 5th castor, which is attached to the mechanism, and the compact design ensure an exceptional stability and load bearing capacity of up to 20 kg of the over-bed tabletop.

(not for vt 4)

Parámetros técnicos

vt 1 (W x H x D) - 506 x 637 x 470 mm

vt 2 (W x H x D) - 506 x 779 x 470 mm

vt 3 (W x H x D) - 657 x 779 x 470 mm

vt 4 (W x H x D) - 530 x 880 x 455 mm

Drawer insert

Attachment for mechanical parts

Two drawers

Feet instead of castors

Long handle


Bottle holder

Accessory holder

(not for vt 4)